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Xavier Miserachs Ribalta (Barcelona 1937-1998)

Born in Barcelona on July 12th 1937, his
father was Manuel Miserachs, doctor in
Haematology, and his mother Montserrat
Ribalta, librarian. He comes in contact with photography in Institut Tècnic Eulàlia, along
with the Fabregat bothers, Ramon and Antonio.

In 1952, he becomes a member of the
Catalonian Photographic Association, where
he meets photographer Oriol Maspons, with
whom he starts up a long-lasting friendship.

At the age of 17, he’s awarded the First Luis
Navarro Trophy in the second edition of the
Modern Photography National Salon at the
Catalonian Photographic Association. That
same year, he starts his studies in Medicine,
which he will abandon five years later in order
to devote himself entirely to photography.

In 1957, he does a group exhibition together
with Ricard Terré and Ramón Masats in the
show called Terré-Miserachs-Masats I, hosted
by the Catalonian Photographic Association,
AFAL and the Royal Photographic Society
in Madrid. Two years later, he participates
in the exhibition Terré-Miserachs-Masats II
in Sala Aixelà in Barcelona.

After completing the military service in 1961,
he opens his professional studio and he
combines professional commissions with
the realization of his own personal photos
that will lead on to the publication of Barcelona
Blanco y Negro (1965) and Costa Brava
Show (1966).

From 1966, he travels non-stop working
as a correspondent for Actualidad Española,
Gaceta Ilustrada, La Vanguardia, Interviú
and Triunfo. In 1968, he signs up an annual
exclusive contract with Triunfo magazine
and he publishes works such as París
se pregunta: ¿Es una revolución?, De Nanterre
a las Barricadas, La primavera de Praga, etc.

His works include the cinematography for two underground films, directed by Enric Vila Matas
and Emma Cohen. He directs and produces
the short-film AMÉN, historieta muda.

He is the co-founder and first photography
professor at EINA. He illustrates several books
and he writes three books on photography: Profesiones con futuro. Fotógrafo (Grijalbo
Mondadori, 1995); Criterio Fotográfico. Notas
para un curso de fotografía (Ediciones Omega,
1998); Fulls de contactes. Memòries. (Edicions
62, 1998). This last one awarded with II Premi
Gaziel of Biographies and Memories, 1997.


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